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November 30, 2017

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November 6, 2017

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A new rink, the blame game and how to get it done

December 10, 2017

Some so called facts. The league has sided with Flames ownership group to force the City to build a new rink. Supposedly the Flames are sitting as the 19th team as far as their worth. Their are new Cities being mentioned as possible relocation sites for teams (Houston, Quebec City, Seattle). Although Seattle looks like an expansion city. The team is worth is above 500 million US and last year created 129 million in revenue with +/- 58 million US being paid to players. New rink to cost $555 million CAD

Some bull crap. We all know the team is manipulating the books to make the team look less profitable so people are less inclined to complain when they receive government funding. THEY WILL NOT RELOCATE THE TEAM. My goodness if the the Flames were relocated and Arizona, Florida, Carolina still had teams it would blow everyones mind and be a bad financial decision.

Who should pay for it. I for one understand that the Oilers kind of set the mold here but that doesn't have to be the rule. I do not even live in Calgary but think that the City it's self is being undeservingly criticized. I am not an accountant but on the 58 million to the players at 40% tax the government receives 23 million US (30 mil CAD) at 13% Corporate tax on 129 million US (165 m CAD ) is 21.5 million CAD. These numbers do not include staff and the money taken as earnings for ownership. Total tax collected per yer is at least 51.5 million CAD. So with the taxes the team pays alone the rink would be paid for in ten years but not all the govern bodies that are collecting are giving back. Not to say all the teams taxes should go to the rink but the Federal government should definitely be a contributor to the process as having a professional team in their country provides them with all these tax benefits. I think the city is being smart in their negotiations but the team and Bettman are being short sited by just wanting to blame the city. There would be a lot of losers if the team were to move including ownership so everyone should work together. Do not forget the reason the team is in Calgary right now is because they have and are making money

Getting the Olympics would fast track the process but for that to happen again everyone would have to work together and not point fingers at each other. I again think the City of Calgary is smart and I would love to see them bid for the Olympics with the IOC investing money into the city to host the games. I believe the Olympics are at a tipping point where so many places do not want to pay the price to hold them while the IOC is corrupt and hording money. At the current pace I see the Olympics being held only in the places that are willing to lose the money and the games becoming  less and less relevant. The IOC needs to change the way they do their business and I think that Nenshi can make that happen and won't hold the games unless he can. So if the Olympics were part of the new rink plan it would be a good opportunity to get more Federal and provincial money with hopefully some IOC money for the rink. 

In closing Bettman drives me nuts at the best of times and him trying to bully the situation upsets me the only reason this is such a big deal is because its the oldest rink and they just want a new one built, not because the rink is not useful. Their is a lot of Stubborn people involved that don't like to feel like they will lose, but it would be more efficient if they worked together so they can all win. At the end it all comes out of fans and tax payers pockets so do not threaten us.



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